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NAME: Diafullah Dobashi

Founder & Leader of the "A.rab W.orld. O.rder" & Professional Wrestling's Mujahideen.

Also the voice of the Mujahideen called, "~Pro Wrestling's Mujahideen TV~"

HEIGHT: 5ft. 11in. WEIGHT: 235lbs.

FROM: Yemen, RESIDING: in Tacoma, Washington USA & REPRESENTING: "The Mujahideen"


TRAINED BY: Johnny Graham ( @ the Dungun on Hosmer Street, Tacoma,WA )Learned his sadistic style from Abdullah The Butcher. WRESTLING STYLE: Old School (Catch As Catch Can), Lucha & Hard Core, I can adapt to any wrestling style.

FAVORATE MOVE: The Mistic Fire Ball, The Arab Leglock , His Fork and any other move that hurts. Black Belt in Isshinryu Karate by Senae Steve Armstrong. Started Pro Wrestling in 1991

I represent true PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING. Not only we compete we try to entertain the wrestling fans as best we can. Look at it this way, when you go to a sporting event you go to watch competition and to get entertained. If I know I can beat my opponent in 5 minutes I will play with him to prolong the match and beat him in 15 minutes and hope he don't get lucky and beat me so I can give the fans their money's worth. Also there has to be respect. Hurt him just enough to get the win. But if you don't respect your opponent you take him out a "SHOOT".

I am a real Muslim and my real name is Diafullah Dobashi.

August 25, 2010 I converted Psydsho to Islam. His new wrestling name is Saeedshollah Islam.

On Aug. 29, 2010, The very first time we teamed up was in Gresham, OR. We won the NWWA tag team titles by beating D-Mobb.

Also our team name is not KarnEvil anymore. Now we are called "The Mujahideen"

In 1991, I was just one of those "Smart Marks." I had to learn the hard way like everyone else. I paid my dues and lived through the bumps and the bruises. I will save the rest for my book. My trainer Luscious Johnny Graham took me under his wing OLD SCHOOL style. " I Respect OLD SCHOOL ." My first match was a tag match at Johnny Graham�s post production party. Johnny had just finished filming "The Manhandler." It was TEX & I vs. Johnny Graham and Kenny Roberts. We lost, Tex got pinned, Tex and I had a fallen out so��.

Later that day, I had a grudge match vs. my tag partner TEX where I scored my first victory. I also wrestled that day in the battle royal. This was the start of Wrestling back in Washington since the Don Owens days. So with Johnny Grahams help and my parents supports, I started promoting Aug. 7,1992 at the Big Brothers and Sisters Bingo Hall in Tacoma, WA, the first matches under my promotion the UIW. On the card was Luscious Johnny Graham, Rick Lee, B.A. Rodgers, Little Leona, Tommy Justice, Michelle Starr, Playboy Buddy Rose, Billy Two Eagles, Ed Moondog Moretti, and the worlds most dangerous ring announcer Jeff Johnson. ( Below is a clip from that night. 8/7/1992. Playboy Buddy Rose v.s. Buddy Wayne )

This SPARKED Washington State Wrestling once again. After we ran for a while other organizations tried to run in Washington. During that same time, I had a radio Wrestling Talk Show. It was called Ring Side Ticket. With the tradition after the show Johnny and I would eat brunch at Old Country Buffet. A few years later I hooked up with my childhood hero Abdullah The Butcher on a wrestling card in MI. We hit it off, Abdullah loved my wrestling style, took me under his wing, and showed me the way of the art of being sadistic and passed his Butcher name to me. From that day on I became The BUTCHER , Diafullah The Butcher.